Having experienced periodic relocation, diasporic memories have deeply influenced Reeha’s practice. She explores ambiguities inherent in what is often taken for granted as an out-focusing on possibilities, an independence from one’s common sense, and as facing another’s heavy bare-face.

Self-portrait yet non-self-portrait, the work vessels for a transversal sensorium. Through ghost-like double-sided painting, Reeha reinforces by blurring the thresholds across space, between objects, and from within the sensory perceptions; physicality and metaphysicality; functionality and malfunctionality. Thin yet multi-layered paintings blend impressions with dreamlike scenery, oscillating between reality and Atopia – a place unmoored to anywhere.

Reeha’s personal memories are invariably cultural memories, and by revisiting and rehinging them, she tries to remember what has happened to us – which oftentimes is not necessarily the truth. Memories and truth interwoven, dreams and realities encroach; making sense of everything remains elusive, yet witnesses are ever-present.

2024     Cranbrook Academy of Art, M.F.A., Painting     MI, United States
2021      Hongik University, B.F.A., Fine Arts Painting     Seoul, South Korea 
2012-2013   Central Academy of Fine Arts, B.F.A., Chinese Painting    Beijing, China

2023     Back and Front, Passageway Gallery     MI, United States
2022     Ul-Lung-Ddung-Ddang, TYA Gallery    Seoul, South Korea
2016      REEHA & KYUNGSEO, Cité Internationale des Arts     Paris, France
2013      Adieu, Xin Complex Cultural Space     ShenYang, China

2024    Footprints, Chilli Art Projects     London, United Kingdom
2023    Space, Chilli Art Projects        London, United Kingdom
2023    Convergence, Centric Place     MI, United States
2023    Mold Making, Forum Gallery    MI, United States
2021     OFFON, Gallery 100_0     Seoul, Korea
2021     Hatred against P, Eulji-ro OF Gallery     Seoul, South Korea
2020    From Untitled( ) To Everyone, Hongik University     Seoul, South Korea
2018     Yit-ta, Haeng-hwa-tang Art Space         Seoul, South Korea
2015     ARTIVAL, Gallery H                      Seoul, South Korea

2024     New American Paintings, No.173, Midwest Issue
2022-2024     Fulbright Principal Candidate
2022-2024     Cranbrook Acaedemy of Art Merit Scholarship
2023    Honorable Mention, Innovate Grant
             Available at: https://innovateartistgrants.org/interview
2014-2016, 2018-2020     Hongik University Academic Excellence Scholarship
2010-2011    Northeast Yucai School Academic Excellence Scholarship

2024     NXTHVN     CT, United States
2019      Art-up Seoul      Seoul, South Korea
2017     Cité Internationale des Arts     Paris, France